"Don't spend what you don't have."

"Don't keep up with the Joneses. Live within your means."

Those are just a couple of responses that I received from Twitter followers after asking how mom influenced their finances.

For me, I can't say my mom talked much about money. My dad played that role in our household.

Readers, what financial advice did you learn from mom? 

If you are a mom, what advice do you give to your kids?

My kids are still young, but we talk a lot about wants and needs, saving and spending, and the trade-offs that come with making financial choices.

Finally, if you're planning to hit the mall this weekend to buy mom a gift, make sure you can afford it. The last thing mom wants is for you to go into debt to buy her a present. Remember when she was happy with a homemade, heartfelt card? I'm sure she'd still be happy to get one.