Matt Kalil had a very good rookie season for the Vikings, helping pave the way for a 2,000-yard season by Adrian Peterson by helping anchor a much-improved offensive line. That season was rewarded with a Pro Bowl berth -- albeit VERY late in the process. He was named to the mix on Friday, two days before the game was played as an "injury" replacement for Washington's Trent Williams. What exactly happened to Williams? Take it away, Adam Schefter:

Redskins offensive tackle Trent Williams, who will miss Sunday's Pro Bowl after being hurt in a brawl at a Honolulu nightclub, was Tasered in the back and cracked over the head with a champagne bottle during the melee yet still did not fall to the ground, sources say.

"It was like he was Jason on 'Friday the 13th' -- man just wouldn't go down," one source said of the 6-foot-5, 318-pound Williams, who required seven stitches after the early Friday incident.

Williams, taken to a Hawaii hospital, was given a concussion test that he passed and another concussion test that he also passed after he arrived back at the Pro Bowl players' hotel.

But with Williams Tasered and stitched, the NFL decided the best course of action was not to play him in Sunday night's game.

One man's Tasering is another man's surprise trip to play football in Hawaii. That's just how it works in the NFL, and presumably in everyone else's line of work as well.

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