That might be the perfect picture of the elusive Percy Harvin that you see on the right. It was taken in early November by Star Tribune photographer Jeff Wheeler, and it came from one of the final games Harvin played in 2012 before an ankle injury derailed what was an MVP-like season.


The question now: Was that not only one of his final games last season, but also one of his last in a Vikings uniform?

Back in June, we had some fun with Percy's unhappiness at a minicamp. Just a month ago, we lobbied for a contract extension, arguing that any concerns about attitude or durability were compensated for by his game-changing skills and determination on the field.

Now? We're not so sure. Dan Wiederer broke down a lot of the primary reasons on a strong blog post yesterday.

There continues to be a lot of smoke (no pun about Harvin's past intended), and it leads one to think there is more to the Harvin/Vkings fire than has been publicly reported. If the relationship is damaged beyond repair -- and both sides are likely to blame for that -- then it might be better to move on while Harvin's value is high than compound the mistake if you are the Vikings.

What do you think: Should the Vikings, emboldened by their four-game winning streak at the end of 2012 without Harvin and perhaps weary of his drama, cut ties via a trade if the price is right? Or should they get out the iron -- and the checkbook -- to smooth out the wrinkles in this relationship because Harvin is just too valuable?

Your thoughts, as always, in the comments.


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