What's making news in Minneapolis, today and over the weekend:

Cops' drug training program spawns more questions: Mother of a test subject allegedly given drugs says she's unsure what exactly her son was exposed to. (Matt McKinney)

Concerns about trail hold up Dock Street apartment complex: Without changes, the development could compromise future rail and bike trail corridors. (Kevin Duchschere)

Couple put down roots and built community: Tim and Joani Essenburg were young professionals in 1990 when they moved into the Phillips neighborhood, a place known then for drugs, gangs and grinding poverty -- not the middle-class good life.But they had a plan. The college professor and former kindergarten teacher set forth to build community among wary neighbors. (Jean Hopfensperger)

What's next for the Viking stadium: Dayton to sign bill at noon (Star Tribune/Associated Press)  Could Minnesota land a Super Bowl? (Jim Ragsdale) For the Vikings, planning and construction timelines crucial to opening their new home in 2016 (Richard Meryhew) U okays Viking games at TCF Bank Stadium (Jenna Ross)

Volunteer killed by strikers in 1934 honored: C. Arthur Lyman, beaten to death as a member of the pro-employer Citizens Alliance in the famous 1934 truckers' strike, was added to the wall of fallen officers in Washington, but some say it's a tribute to a dishonorable cause. (Kevin Duchschere)

Protesters seek bank's money-wiring help: Hundreds of Somali-Americans and others marched in downtown Friday, disrupting traffic for a time. (Allie Shah)

Grilling up growth: Equity partnership pays off for two Minneapolis-based companies: retail-branding agency Fame and family-owned MyBurger. (Todd Nelson)

Domestic call begins with woman's screams, ends with suspect dead: Officers responding to a domestic dispute in a south Minneapolis apartment building said the man came at them with a knife. (Nicole Norfleet)