So, that was a pretty quiet Sunday in Gophers land.

To liven things up and give you something different to talk about, try this on for size: Gophers vs. Mississippi State -- where former head coach Tim Brewster is the WR coach -- in a bowl game?

It's not close to the most likely projection at this point, but at least one outlet -- -- has it that way, with the teams meeting in the Gator Bowl on Jan. 1.

We're not quite sure how they arrived at that math, but we're guessing that since Minnesota leapfrogs Wisconsin in their bowl equation (with the Badgers going to the lesser Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl), CBS is guessing the Gophers will beat Michigan State on Saturday, while Wisconsin loses to Penn State and then loses to Nebraska (or possibly Michigan still) in the Big Ten title game.

Those are a lot of assumptions, but it would technically give the Gophers (7-5) a better record than Wisconsin (7-6), and based on Big Ten bowl tie-in rules the Badgers could play in the BT title game and still drop to the fourth non-BCS bowl, which is the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. Bowl shenanigans are about far more than just records, of course, so take any projection and attempt at math with the requisite grain of salt.

Most projections have Northwestern or Wisconsin playing in the Gator, but a guy can dream, right? Pretty much every projection we have seen has Mississippi State in the Gator. If somehow things broke in a way that put the Gophers there for a reunion with Brew -- even if he is only an assistant there -- well, that would just be delicious.

Consider us not just hungry for it to happen. We're certifiably starving.

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