Lacina Siding and Windows, Orono (Accident date: 2006) $10,962

An employee working to position a length of gutter on a home was electrocuted when the gutter touched an 8,000-volt power line. The worker then fell from scaffolding.

Lacina was cited for failing to train employees to keep material far enough away from energized power lines and for failing to have a fall-protection system in place.

Andy's Lawn Care, Independence (2006) $6,750

Employees were using a hydraulic jack to raise the boom of a skid-steer and release its safety pins when the skid-steer, which had been placed on blocks for maintenance, tipped. The employee sitting in the skid-steer fell out and was hit in the head by the boom.

The company was cited for several training violations related to the proper shutdown of equipment that is undergoing maintenance.

Dom-Ex Inc., Hibbing (2008) $6,000

An employee operating a crane from the back of a boom truck lifted a 7,500-pound metal assembly. A 5,190-pound portion of the assembly detached, falling on and pinning the employee.

Dom-Ex was cited for failing to make sure that all repairs had been made to the truck and that the metal assembly was secure before it was lifted.

USA Tank Storage Systems, Benson (2007) $5,000

A worker hanging steel sheeting on the roof of a 64-foot-tall grain-type bin fell through an uncovered vent opening and landed on the concrete floor.

USA Tank was cited for failing to have a cover or guardrail around the vent hole and for allowing the employee to go without a safety harness and lanyards. The harness was found on the roof.

Okay Construction, Becker (2007) $5,000

While removing hardware from an old power pole that had just been pulled from the ground, a worker was crushed when the pole fell on him.

Okay was cited for not having a safety program in place, for not regularly inspecting equipment and for not properly securing the pole.

Mikrut Properties LLP, Winona (2011) $5,000

An employee working at a demolition site was crushed when a concrete wall collapsed.

Mikrut was cited for failing to conduct an engineering survey.

Blooming Prairie Well Co., Blooming Prairie (2011) $1,925

During the process of removing a pump from a well, a hoist cable broke and a suspended 35-pound weight plummeted, striking an employee in the head.

The company was cited for failing to assess whether a hard hat should be worn and for the employee not wearing a hard hat.

Hennen Siding, Fridley (2011) $1,375

An employee standing in the bucket of a lift was raising the bucket to reach soffit and fascia on a building when the worker's head and neck touched an 8,000-volt power line.

Hennen was cited for allowing employees to work too close to energized power lines and for failing to ensure the employee was wearing fall-protection equipment.

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