WASHINGTON -- Despite President Trump's promise to use American steel on new crude oil pipelines, Democratic Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken were not pleased by executive orders to build the Keystone XL and Dakota Acess pipeline.

Iron Rangers have long pushed for a requirement that American steel be used if a pipeline was built -- something that could help the region that has suffered job losses in the last year due to Chinese steel flooding the market.

Franken has been an outspoken advocate on the issue, though on Tuesday didn't have much good to say about Trump's executive orders, calling them "troubling."

"If the president really wants to create jobs ... he shouldn't be rehashing contentious projects that will divide people," he said, in a statement. "Instead, I urge him to take a look at the newly unveiled Democratic blueprint to rebuild our transportation networks."

Klobuchar said the environment should be safeguarded and American workers supported.

“I will continue to stand up against efforts to roll back progress on combating climate change and protecting our natural resources, while doing everything I can to support American workers and make sure infrastructure projects use American steel whenever possible,” she said, in a statement. 

Both Reps. Rick Nolan, a Democrat, and Tom Emmer, a Republican, were pleased.

"I look forward to working with my colleagues and President Trump to continue to invest in our infrastructure," Emmer said, in a statement.

Nolan, who represents the Range, said the United States can't rebuild America's economy and infrastructure with foreign steel.

"Pipelines made with low-grade, foreign government subsidized iron ore and steel illegally dumped into the U.S. marketplace are costing us thousands of good jobs and threatening our environment with leaks and spills," Nolan said.

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