It used to be when I went away, as in leaving Minnesota, I missed any family members I left behind and sleeping in my own bed. And not much else. There just wasn't that pull, that tug of the heart that says there's no place like home, even after five years.

In fact, I'd fantasize about living wherever it was I happened to be visiting at the time. Coming back from two weeks in New York City, it was different this time. I certainly had no flights of fancy about living in the Big Apple. All I could think about was getting back to the Minne-apple.

Helping my daughter move to NYC for an internship required quick lessons in city living. It's one thing to go to NYC, eat out, see a few shows and shop when you can grab a cab. It's not quite as glamorous when you're figuring out subway routes, laundry, groceries and the everyday drudges of living. Oh, and what do you do if you lock yourself out or lose your purse before you know another single soul in such a ginormous city?

I've been going on and on lately about how much I enjoy getting around my new neighborhood on my own two feet. People are probably tired of hearing me go on and on about how much I love walking, now that I live near infrastructure that makes it so simple. So easy to get on your high horse when your car is sitting in the driveway for those times, like when it rains, or it's too windy or you need to get somewhere in a hurry.



Boy, that changes when your own two feet are the only option. Life in NYC is exciting, exhilerating even. But it was also exhausting and exponentially expensive. After one week my feet resembled ground beef. I yearned for the delicious luxury of climbing into my car and whizzing to Target. Call me soft.

It was more than that though. Forgive me all those readers living out in the western burbs, sure it's woodsy, watery and scenic, but it wasn't the way I roll. 



After only a few months living around the city lakes, I realized I'd found my niche, my tribe, whatever. I missed my neighbors and hood. I worried that I might miss the trees turning. I missed the cafes. I missed my morning walk around the lakes. 

I even ventured to think there's no place like Minneapolis. Who would have thought?






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