A Minnetonka attorney was disbarred for professional misconduct Wednesday by the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Paul Moe, 71, misappropriated funds from a ward, represented a client despite a conflict of interest, disobeyed court orders and made false statements to a court, the court found. The allegations were brought forward in a petition filed by the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility.

Moe advised a client in 2008 on financial matters on behalf of his father. The client’s brother wanted to replace him, and hired Moe as his attorney. That was a conflict of interest, according to the petition.

Moe misappropriated nearly $400 from that same client after he died. He also failed to report or hid nearly $6,000 in client fees and received a $5,000 sanction from the court, which he didn’t pay.

The petition stated that given Moe’s serious misconduct, the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility concluded that disbarment was the appropriate sanction.