Tuesday, February 15th was the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, upon him peace and blessings.  Throughout the world - many Muslims celebrate his birth by having events to remind Muslims of his character and great sacrifices he made for humanity. 

On CelebrateMercy.com, Muslims from all over the world, including Minnesota will login and listen to webcasts by many leading scholars, artists and intellectuals - exploring the prophet's life and his prophetic journey.

In addition, the commemoration of his birth and life, upon him peace and blessings, will be the topic of a few events within the Twin Cities beginning today, Feb 18-19.

Today, at 7PM - "Attaining Good Character," co-sponsored by the Islamic Center of Minnesota in Fridley, will look at the prophet's character and remind Muslims of their duty to strive to that ideal.

The main speaker of these local events is Shaykh Muhammad Al-Ninowy.

Shaykh Al-Ninowy acquired knowledge in many of the Islamic sciences.  He particularly specializes in the fields of Hadeeth (sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad) and Tawheed (Islamic monotheism).  Besides a strong knowledge in Islamic sciences and disciplines, he is scholar on Islamic spirituality. 

He was invited to the Twin Cities to fulfill one of his objectives and goals from his education: to preach tolerance, peace, mercy and understanding within the Muslim community and with non Muslims - through education.

With the exception of tonight’s event, all events are free and open to the public.  They will take place at various locations within the Twin Cities.  Below are the details:

Attaining Good Character
Friday, Feb  18 at 7PM
Islamic Center of Minnesota
1401 Gardenia Ave
(763) 571-5604
Cost:   $10 for dinner.


Answering Your Questions on Islam and Islamic Spirituality
(Audience:  non Muslims)
Saturday, Feb 19th at noon – 2PM
Columbia Heights Mosque
4056 7th St NE
Columbia Heights


Prophetic Example in Today’s World
(Audience:  Muslim Youth)
Saturday, Feb 19th at 2PM – 4PM
Columbia Heights Mosque
4056 7th St NE
Columbia Heights


Celebrating Life of Prophet Muhammad
(Sponsored by Nurul-Islam Institute)
Saturday, Feb 19th at 5PM
Minneapolis Convention Center
1301 2nd Ave S


Media Note: To arrange interviews with Shaykh Al-Ninowy, please contact me via email fedwa.w@gmail.com

Readers Note:  Your questions on Prophet Muhammad are welcome at any of these events.  A special event on Saturday was planned for answering questions from people of other faiths.  Face to face interaction over coffee and refreshments is the best approach to responding to your questions on his life and character.

Your attendance to any of these events are more than welcome.

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