Amani, Ashante and Iyahna need a family that can keep up with their high energy. They would do great in a family that can provide structure and support, and would benefit from parents who are active, engaging and able to navigate therapeutic services. They love spending time together and would do well in a family that will support them as individuals.

Amani's sisters describe her as thoughtful, compassionate, stylish, independent, driven, loving and a leader. Amani, 17, is open and funny in conversation, and has big goals. She's already thinking about college. She's always looking out for her younger sisters and loves spending time with them, as well as her friends. She's also working part time and learning to balance her independence.

Ashante's sisters describe her as kind, a big personality, not afraid to say what's on her mind, a hard worker, creative, funny and lively. Ashante, 15, is very social and likes to share what she's up to. She has a great sense of humor and likes to laugh with her sisters. She cares deeply about her friends and family.

Iyahna's sisters describe her as artistic, independent, loving, kind, energetic, a problem-solver and silly. Iyahna, 11, loves comic books, reading in general and is an amazing storyteller. She is super-sweet and misses her big sisters.

It is important to all three girls that they stay connected with their younger brother and a family will need to support them to maintain this relationship.

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