Ambrosia, 10, has a dazzling smile and her energy can light up a room. She loves to dance and sing and is very artistic.

She loves coloring, drawing and craft projects. Ambrosia loves school and is proud of making A’s and B’s (mostly A’s, she stresses). Her favorite colors are pink, purple and blue.

She enjoys playing at the park, swimming, basketball and jumping rope.

If Ambrosia could travel anywhere in the world, she would go to New York City. Her self-description is that she is beautiful, awesome, sweet and kind.

She has had many moves and losses in her short life and needs someone who will stick with her through good times and bad. Ambrosia would feel most comfortable living in the city or a suburb.

She is open to being the only child or having other children in the home, although she admits she enjoys getting a lot of attention.

To learn more about Ambrosia, contact Minnesota Adoption Resource Network (MARN) at 612-861-7115. If you do not have a home study and are wondering how to start your adoption process, visit the MARN website at