Minnesota's detailed population numbers are out today as the Census Bureau released the state's data.

For the congressional districts, Rep. Michele Bachmann's Sixth will see the biggest change as it has to shed more than 96,000 people. The Second has to lose nearly 70,000 people.

The other six districts must gain population. The Twin Cities districts, the Fourth and Fifth, saw the biggest drops over the past decade, as both now have to add more than 40,000 people.

Here's the congressional district breakdown, including how much each district will change in 2012, and a detailed graphic from the Census showing county-by-county population totals. See a bigger version of the graphic here.

District Population Change
1st 644,787 +18,204
2nd 732,515 -69,524
3rd 650,185 +12,806
4th 614,624 +48,367
5th 616,482 +46,509
6th 759,478 -96,487
7th 625,512 +37,479
8th 660,342 +2,649



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