Minnesota has court-ordered political maps in place but the legal fight over redistricting continue.

A Democratic attorney has asked for $180,000 in legal fees and the chief Republican attorney has put the redistricting court panel on notice to expect a bill, too.

"This is the same kind of motion that has been made in every redistricting case since the early 70s," said Alan Weinblatt, a Democratic attorney involved in the redistricting case but not representing the DFL party. The party's legal team has yet to make any filings regarding fees.

And in every case since then, courts have said the state should pay the costs, Weinblatt said. Ten years ago, a Minnesota redistricting panel said the state was on the hook for more than $350,000, a partial payment of all the fees.

The court this year told the parties they have until May 14 to detail their costs.

Those court filings will, for the first time, show exactly how much the parties paid to fight over the political maps.

Update: Ken Martin, DFL Party chair, said the party is "talking about" joining in the request for fees.

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