How proposed cuts may affect Minnesota programs.

Airport security: Reimbursements for MSP, which came to nearly $500,000 last year, would end for local police at airport checkpoints.

AmeriCorps: The federal community service program, which uses volunteers to teach kids, would be eliminated.

Amtrak: No more federal support for the national passenger rail service.

Arts: Loss of the National Endowment for the Arts would cancel $5 million in annual arts funding for Minnesota.

CDBG grants: A federal program to help cities and counties with housing and economic development would be cut.

Great Lakes Restoration: A $300 million program to clean up the Great Lakes would be eliminated.

Heating bills: Cancellation of $90 million in funding to help more than 300,000 low-income Minnesota residents stay warm.

Public TV and radio: Elimination of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting could end rural broadcasting services.

Small airports: Millions in subsidies, used to help small regional airports stay open, would be eliminated.

Transit: Funding could be jeopardized for proposed light-rail and bus-rapid transit projects.

University of Minnesota research: Funding cuts at the National Institutes of Health could slow medical research.