Demand for Minnesota "green" workers reached 2.5 percent of all job openings as of June 2011, according to a recently released two-year study funded by the U.S. Department of Labor as part of Obama's jobs recovery act.

Among the study's key findings on green job-openings:

* There were 3,882 openings between fourth quarter 2009 and June 2011

*  263 mostly private companies offered environmental, energy conservation and other green jobs across the state. 

* largest number of  job offerings were found in energy-efficiency improvements, pollution controls, recycling, conservation, wind energy, biofuel and waste energy, battery storage and the geothermal and solar sectors.

* Job openings touched 150 occupations, including installation, maintenance, repair, architecture, engineering, construction and management jobs.

* Half of the openings were in the Twin Cities

* 89 percent were full-time positions

* Green jobs demanded higher education

* Green jobs paid more than other jobs ($16 to $39 an hour vs $15 to $37)

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