The Minneapolis City Council's executive committee last week formally accepted the mayor's recommendation of Janeé Harteau to lead the Police Department.

The vote initiates a series of hearings that will precede a final vote on Harteau's nomination to one of the city's most high-profile positions. Harteau is currently assistant chief.

"I just think she's at the bottom line a person who understands how important it is to do the tough things to make us safe," Mayor R.T. Rybak said last week. "And to also have the understanding and the compassion to make us safe."

The nomination was approved without controversy. If any arises, it is likely to be at the public hearing on her confirmation on Nov. 28. If approved by the full council on Nov. 30, she will assume the job on Dec. 4.

Technically, she will assume the job even earlier, however. Since she is assistant chief, Harteau will be the top ranking officer when Chief Tim Dolan retires Nov. 2.