If you heed the advice of National Geographic Traveler editors, you'll spend your summer vacation floating above the coral reefs off Roatan, Honduras, or basking in the sun on one of Istria, Croatia, 40 beaches, or biking and kayaking around Washington's San Juan Islands. Or  -- this may sound better and certainly far less expensive -- YOU COULD STAY HOME. Sure, the "staycation" is a thing of the past, if you're to believe trend watchers, but Minneapolis made the iconic magazine's "10 Best Trips of Summer 2011" list. What further validation do you need to stay put?

Never mind that the editors stretched the boundaries of the city by including the Mall of America in its explanation of our greatness. They didn't get that right (and I don't just mean the geography, from a magazine with "geographic" in its name, no less). What they did get right: our endless summer celebration, the farmers' markets, the miles of bike trails, the Twins and their new stadium and our many museums. What was missing: nary a mention of the Guthrie Theater, our hip hotels and Nye's Polonaise Room. But all they need to do is ask around when they come to spend their summer vacation here. With our "welcoming Midwest vibe," we're sure to send them in the right direction.

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