A Southwest Airlines flight from Minneapolis to Denver was diverted to Iowa on Sunday afternoon after a warning light indicated a potential issue with a power source within the plane, a spokeswoman said.

Flight 3809 left Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport at 1:11 p.m. carrying 143 passengers and five crew members, said Southwest spokeswoman Michelle Agnew.

The power indicator light flashed on while the plane was in flight, and the pilot opted to fly to Sioux City as a precaution, she added.

There, a replacement plane was flown in from Chicago, and Flight 3809 eventually landed in Denver about 8 p.m., or about five hours later than originally scheduled, Agnew said.

She said that planes have multiple power sources and that the one in question powered such things as coffee pots and lights within the cabin. Backup power sources are available, she added.

As of 9 p.m., Agnew said, the original aircraft still was being checked by mechanics in Sioux City.

Anthony Lonetree