A proposal urging stadium planners to outfit the new facility with bird safe glass passed the City Council unanimously on Friday.

The measure is symbolic and has no binding power, but adds more pressure to calls from bird advocates to modify the design of the glassy building. They have said many birds will die as a result of large windows slated to be installed at the stadium.

The city has two votes on the five-person Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, which is overseeing the stadium's construction. Council President Barb Johnson said that Friday's resolution will be sent to the authority.

"We're going to communicate with our representatives on the sports facilities authority," Johnson said, adding that no city money -- beyond what's already been allocated for the stadium -- will contribute to the effort.

She noted that the city's stadium implementation committee recommended the bird safety changes.

The resolution was sponsored by Council Members Cam Gordon, Andrew Johnson, Blong Yang, Linea Palmisano, Alondra Cano, Lisa Bender and Elizabeth Glidden.