Minnesota’s Catholic bishops are upset about a series of video vignettes, which feature Twin Cities area gay and lesbian Catholics discussing their support of gay marriage.

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis and the Minnesota Catholic Conference issued a joint statement Thursday afternoon saying the group that put together the vignettes, Catholics for Marriage Equality MN, is not affiliated with the Church.

The vignette series, which premieres tonight from 5-7 at the Minneapolis Riverview Theater, was produced in response to the proposed amendment to the state constitution to ban civil marriage for same-sex couples.  

“Our hope is that those who view our video series will prayerfully reflect upon the negative impact of the proposed ‘marriage amendment’ and commit to voting against it in November 2012,” said director Mary Kay Orman.

The bishops’ statement says the group “seeks to confuse Catholics and the public about authentic Church teaching related to matters of marriage and sexuality.”

“The Archdiocese asks that Catholics avoid associating themselves with this group, and not be deceived by its message, which are in conflict with the fundamental teachings of the Church.”

Last fall, the state’s bishops distributed a anti-gay marriage DVD to nearly 400,000 Catholic households in Minnesota, urging Catholics to support a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

A trailer for the vignette series can be viewed at http://c4me.org/resources/video/preview/seriespreview.html.