Both the Dayton administration and Republican committee leads want to make sure that state funding for honor guards at military funerals will continue.

That funding appeared to be in question because the state's new budget did not include a special line item to help veterans service organizations pay for the guard. 

Since Minnesota Public Radio reported on the lack of funding, the state veterans affairs department said it would continue to help defray the costs of honor guards and Friday, the chairman of the Senate veterans committee said he would introduce legislation to make sure it is never in question again.

Sen. Mike Parry, R-Waseca, said he plans to specify in next year's legislation that the state's part of the honor guard reimbursement should continue to be funded. 

"We will make sure that there is ample funding to have our honor guards do what they do and that is to lay our fallen soldiers to rest," Parry said.

In statements, Gov. Mark Dayton and Veterans Affairs Commissioner Larry Shellito said they supported the move.

"I commend Senator Parry for his leadership in restoring this important funding, and will do whatever I can to support it in next year’s session,” Dayton said.

“This is very important funding to support the Honor Guards’ essential participation in the burials of our veterans.  Often this is the only request many veterans make, before their passing,” Shellito said.





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