Vikings coach Mike Zimmer is pleased that new offensive coordinator John DeFilippo is keeping an open mind in addition to an open line of communication with the man in charge.

Speaking Monday, two days after the Vikings posted 406 yards and 42 points in a preseason win at Denver, Zimmer said he and DeFilippo “talked a lot during the game, and I thought it was all good.”

DeFilippo called the game from the sideline and, “didn’t have any clock issues, for the most part,” Zimmer said.

“He asked me a lot of times, ‘Do you want to run the ball here or throw it? How do you want to handle this?’ ” Zimmer said.

Zimmer also said DeFilippo accepted constructive criticism when the two talked heading into Saturday’s game.

“Just from watching practice, you can kind of see when we’ve got unscripted plays going on, you can kind of see tendencies; at least I can,” Zimmer said. “I talked to him about some of those things and he kind of went away from some of them in this game. I feel like he did a really nice job calling the game.”