Former KSTP-TV morning anchor Angela Davis is being reunited with her former co-anchor there, Mike Binkley, at WCCO-TV's morning show.

Kind of easy to see this one coming Friday, as former KSTP news director Scott Libin is now WCCO's ND.

I don't even have to ask Binkley if he's thrilled. It was well-known at KSTP-TV that Binkley wanted to quit about 30 minutes after Davis decided that life's just too short to continue working at a place like KSTP, which was a much more pleasant place to work when Libin was there.

After Libin's successor at KSTP was installed -- gee, what is his name? -- Davis famously joked that their management styles were similar to the difference between working with Mr. Rogers and Tony Soprano.

When Libin was at KSTP, he brought Davis back from Texas, moved Binkley from weekends to weekdays alongside meteorologist Jim Guy and traffic guy Rusty Gatenby, and they produced a great show.

"They did, in fact, go to Number One," Libin said. "That is not something that's happened often at KSTP over the years. I believe with a brand like WCCO's behind them, I think they can do fabulous things here, too."

Binkley left TV to create a business that tells the stories of regular people in video. "I guess it's been successful. I know it's been rewarding," said Libin. "But I don't think it's always that easy to get television out of your system and I do speak from some experience.

"If I could populate an entire newsroom with people who have Mike's passion and work ethic, I would love to do that. He's going to be hugely popular internally as well as on the air. He's just an excellent guy."

Binkley is replacing Bill Hudson, who is returning to reporting.

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