Our preference for outdoor baseball -- and the roofless Target Field -- has been previously stated. We are in a once-every-40-years awful spring. By Friday, it is supposed to be 65. A couple days later, we might approach 80.

But for now, we are mired in misery. The Twins have already had three home games postponed: one against the Angels, one against the Mets and now tonight's game against Miami has already been wiped out (not to mention a road game at Chicago, though with two more trips there this year that is less of a big deal). This is a two-game series. The plan now -- or at least the hope -- is to make it up as part of a day-night doubleheader tomorrow at 1 pm. and 7 pm.

But let's say for the sake of argument that the projected snow -- yes, there is more coming late this afternoon and overnight -- lingers for a while. It is supposed to clear some tomorrow, but it will still be cold. What if they can't play at all tomorrow? It's possible, at least.

Worst-case scenario, the Twins would be looking at four home games postponed -- all of them against teams that are not scheduled to be back in Minnesota for the rest of the season.

That would mean finding common off-days with three different teams for four total games ... all while not infringing upon any other rules regarding consecutive games played.

Translation: It would be a mess. Further translation: Count on the Twins doing everything in their power to get two games in tomorrow so they only have half as big a problem as they would have otherwise.

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