Are you excited about the 2010 Twins? Good. So let's talk about the 2011 Twins. The schedule came out yesterday, and there are a few things of note:

*15 of the first 20 games are on the road, including four big ones in the first week at Yankee Stadium.

*Mark it: June 21-23. Twins at San Francisco. If you've never been to the ballpark there, it is fabulous. Best in baseball. Make this a priority.

*The Twins have eight home weekend series in June, July and August combined in 2011. In 2010, they only had six -- part of what we thought was kind of a weak first-year home schedule. Eight is much better for those prime months.

*Their last series of the season with the White Sox is a three-game home set from Sept. 5-7. That's kind of early, but it will have to do for the traditional nail in the coffin.

*Nine of the final 12 games are at home, and the final 14 games overall are against Kansas City, Cleveland or Seattle.

Any other thoughts?