We get press releases passed on to us pitching a lot of things -- mobile apps, books, events, you name it. But we had to share this one with you. Maybe it's a good product? Who really knows? To us, it seems to contribute just a little to much to the laz-i-fying of America. Press release words in itals, our words not:

You may have your NCAA bracket picks ready to go ...

Well, actually not quite yet. See, the tournament hasn't started yet. We don't even really know the teams or matchups. Sure, it might do us just as much good to pick teams now seeing as how we're pretty bad at it even when we know the teams. But we're still going to wait.

... but are you really prepared for March Madness?

Hmm, hadn't really thought about it. Is it a lot like Armageddon? Should we be stocking up on canned goods? Or should we just do the usual and wait until games are on, sit down, and calmly start enjoying basketball?

Whether you’re pulling for Texas or getting your blue and whites ready to root for Duke, make sure you don’t have to miss a second of the game with the Clicker. The Clicker fuses your remote control and the ever important bottle cap opener onto one sleek device so you can have a fresh beer and watch the waning seconds of every March Madness game.

See, and here we thought it was a device that had a button that would ensure Duke would lose. Now that we would buy! OK, sorry, what does it do now? Oh, it's a remote control with a bottle opener built into it? That sounds awfully convenient ... until we remember that a cold beer is in the kitchen ... so we have to leave the game anyway to get it. So we'll probably just use our regular remote control go pause the game.

Nearing the last sip of a cold brew and there's less than a minute left with your pick down? Don’t fumble for the bottle opener. Click, pop, and watch.

But again, we haven't solved the problem of where this magic beer is coming from. Does the Clicker come with magic beer? Because if so, sign us up.

The Clicker can be universally programmed for up to eight components including your TV, DVD player, Cable box, DVR, Satellite, CD and AMP. It also supports twin view and Picture-in-Picture functions so you will never miss a game!

That sounds a lot like a regular remote control.

Two important devices married by one uber-device means no one will ever have to never lose the remote; this multipurpose remote saves time and energy.

Or it means you will lose your remote and your bottle opener at the same time. And that would be an uber-bummer, not to mention a considerable energy expense in searching for it.

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