The creepy, caterpillary surprise arrived early in the season. Since then, Carl Pavano's growing mustache has rivaled Joe Mauer's lack of home runs, a team deficiency with the bases loaded, Justin Morneau's overall brilliance ... and really anything else Twins-related as a topic of conversation among fans. Seriously, do you know how many times we have been watching a Pavano game -- or even just minding our own business when he isn't pitching -- and someone has asked us for an opinion on the lip tickler? Apparently it's even been a big enough talker in the clubhouse that Pavano finally had to address it after last night's start. In case you missed it, at the end of La Velle's story:

Now for the mustache. It looks as if it has been drawn on, and it has led to various comments in the clubhouse.

When asked how long he plans to keep it, he said, "Probably forever ..." Really?

"I'm not a big guy on attention." Pavano said, "but the attention it has gotten me is kind of funny."

Gardenhire's take: "It makes him look meaner."

Pavano's response: "That's not what he's telling me."

But whether you think it makes him look like a Super Mario Bro. or Captain Morgan, we continue to be amazed by the fascination (including our own) with facial hair. So we ask: what is it about this mustache that has everyone so flummoxed? Is it just something new? Is it just that outrageous? Or does it tell us more about the depths of our souls?

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