Michael Russo: Will the Gophers end their goalie rotation this weekend?

Freshman Adam Wilcox shut the door with 20 saves for his first college shutout by a 1-0 score Sunday against Canisius. His last save, with 30 seconds left to cruelly rob Tyler Wiseman, was a thing of beauty and may have earned him the No. 1 job. Gophers coach Don Lucia wouldn't say, obviously, but he definitely raved about the South St. Paul lad and the confidence he has in him during the postgame press scrum. By Thursday, Lucia said the coaching staff will either decide to continue with the Michael Shibrowski-Wilcox rotation into a fourth weekend, maybe switch it up where Wilcox plays Friday and Shibrowski Saturday or let one goalie play both games. My guess? That sounds to me like Wilcox plays Friday against Minnesota State, and if he plays well and/or isn't overly taxed, he plays on the road in Mankato on Saturday. Again, this is pure conjecture but an educated guess from somebody who's covered a lot of hockey games (albeit not a lot of college games) and read the minds of a ton of coaches.

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