Ho hum, another four-point game

Wild coach Mike Yeo worked with Sidney Crosby for five years in Pittsburgh, so he was hardly surprised by Crosby's four-point return against the Islanders after 10 months off because of postconcussion syndrome.

"There's very few athletes that I've ever been around that work harder than him -- on and off the ice -- so I knew he would be tremendously prepared," Yeo said. "It was impressive, but I can't say it was anything but what I totally expected."

OK, maybe not you, Jarome

Calgary Flames coach Brent Sutter wants his older players to adjust their games, saying: "I went to the Stanley Cup Finals four times, won it twice -- and my role was different every one of those times. ... As you get older, the sooner you can accept change in your game, the better off you are. You have to sacrifice a little bit for the betterment of the team."

Flames captain Jarome Iginla was asked to react by reporters: "If I turned into a pure defensive player, I don't think you're going to say that that's exactly what our team needs."

Welcome to the 1970s

It's Movember, but Ottawa coach Paul MacLean joked he's had his bushy mustache since 1959 -- when he was 1. In reality, he said the last time he had no mustache was when he was playing for Winnipeg in 1981.

"Movember? I'm always in the lead, right out of the gate," MacLean quipped.

One step ahead of the posse

Carolina coach Paul Maurice has been under fire, but after his team nearly blew two leads against Toronto but held on to win, Maurice joked, "I get to get on the plane."

The Canes have picked up their play since. "It was all sliding downhill and we were neck-deep. We had to tilt it," Maurice said.