The Timberwolves need a shooting guard, that's no secret. And it appears that their most tradable piece is Michael Beasley, the former No. 2 pick turned sixth man, whose playing time is likely to continue diminishing as rookie Derrick Williams gets more experience.

If you follow the Wolves and put your mind to it, you don't have to dig hard to find Beasley rumors.

If you've been waiting for someone else to do it, here are links to Beasley trade stuff on the web.

Celtics blogger Tim Weisberg of South Coast Today (That's the South Coast of Massachusetts as opposed to more exotic combinations of south and coast) lists a bunch of potential Boston deals, but calls a Beasley-for-Jermaine O'Neal deal "the best trade rumor of the week." Then he goes on to explain why that would pretty much be the "best" rumor from a Celtics point of view. (Quick reason -- the words "O'Neal" and 'albatross" in the same sentence.)

Bleacher Report offers up a four-way deal that would also involve the Lakers, Bulls and Memphis. The Wolves would end up with O.J. Mayo from Memphis, Matt Barnes and Troy Murphy from the Lakers and Brian Scalabrine from the Bulls, presumably to hang out an the end of the bench with Anthony Randolph. The Bulls would get J.J. Barea, Memphis would get Wes Johnson and the Lakers would get Beasley. If you want to see all the moving parts, go here.

The Lakers Nation blog is asking fans whether their team needs a big move -- bringing in Dwight Howard or Rajon Rondo, for example -- or whether it should build around Kobe Bryant and the current nucleus. "Smaller moves," which include Beasley, is winning the poll by a 60-40 margin.

Root around deeper on the web and you can find an assortment of scenarios, including Beasley going to the Lakers for two first-round draft choices and Luke Walton (a salary dump for L.A.) or going to New Jersey if the Nets can't pull off a deal for Dwight Howard.

Stay tuned -- and skeptical.



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