We can argue endlessly about paper books vs e-books--about whether or not a book that is interactive and embedded with video is destroying our attention span, and about whether or not anything read on a screen is actually a "book." But you can't argue with a bargain.


The Minnesota Historical Society Press has priced ten of its history titles--ebooks only--at $4.99 through the end of January:

The Assassination of Hole in the Day by Anton Treuer
Spirit Car by Diane Wilson
Creating Minnesota by Annette Atkins
Twin Cities Picture Show by Dave Kenney
Hmong in Minnesota by Chia Youyee Vang
Minneapolis in the Twentieth Century by Iric Nathanson
Norwegians on the Prairie by Odd S. Lovoll
Pale Horse at Plum Run by Brian Leehan
The Story of Cole Younger by Cole Younger
The Voyageur by Grace Lee Nute

Suddenly, the argument switches: Kindle? Nook? iPad?

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