Target Acquirer

Date Location Location Description

5/3 Chamilia LLC Swarovski America Ltd. Swarovski acquired Chamilia, a maker of personalized beads and the

Minneapolis Cranston, R.I. bracelets on which they are worn. The two companies had been partnering

to create Chamilia-branded bead collections incorporating Swarovski

crystals since 2011.

5/6 Associated Insurance CBIZ Inc. CBIZ, a professional business servies provider, has acquired the Associated

Agents Inc. (AIA) Cleveland Insurance Agents brokerage.

Brooklyn Center

5/8 14 oil and gas wells Blue Earth Resources Inc. Petro Resources Inc., a subsidiary of Blue Earth Resources, has acquired a

in Spider Field Burnsville a 37.5-percent working interest in 14 oil and gas wells in DeSoto Parish, La.