Target Acquirer

Date Location Location Description

5/2 Sound Financial Wealth Enhancement Wealth Enhancement Group will acquire Sound Financial

Solutions LP Group LLC Solutions, a wealth management firm with about $260

Houston Plymouth million in brokerage and advisory assets.

5/4 Mass Finishing Inc. Innovance Inc. Innovance has acquired Mass Finishing, a supplier of high-

Howard Lake, Minn. Albert Lea, Minn. energy centrifugal barrel finishing machines, media,

compound, supplies and services.

5/4 Deluxe Corp. Deluxe Corp. Deluxe Corporation's board of directors has authorized a

Shoreview Shoreview $300 million share repurchase program effective at the

conclusion of the previous authorization.

5/5 DevMountain LLC Capella Education Co. Capella Education has acquired DevMountain, a software

East Alton, Ill. Minneapolis coding school to extend its position in the job-ready skills