I've gotten a lot of emails asking how the rest of the men's hockey tournament is formatted. My answer?

Figure it out yourself because I killed the few brains cells I have left trying to figure it out. Basically, they don't re-seed and have made it as complicated as imaginable.

I'm reading it like there's really no benefit to finishing first in your group.

Here's the link, so see for yourself

I do know this. If Canada beats the US Sunday, they get a bye into the quarterfinal. If the US loses in regulation, it would have to play a qualification game, I believe. If they lost in OT or shootout, it could still be possible for them to have a bye into the quarters. Four teams get byes.

Sweden's up 2-0 after 1 over Belarus, incidentally. Daniel Sedin and Daniel Alfredsson with goals thus far.

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