Everybody knows it's fun to see how the other half lives. And if the other half just happens to keep urban chickens, it's even more fun. You'll get that chance -- for free -- tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 12) at the Fall 2009 Twin Cities Parade of Chicken Coops!

Over 20 locations will be open from 10 - 4 in and around the Twin Cities so tour-goers can meet the flocks, check out coop designs and get all manner of chicken questions answered. Organizers of the tour have put together an interactive map, so visitors can make their own route.

Al Bourgeois, who has a chicken coop building business and teaches classes on urban chickens at Seward Coop and the Wedge Coop, said this is the second tour this year.

"I put this one together because so many chicken keeper have great gardens too.  In April, there is not much to look at in the garden."

Even if you're not considering keeping chickens, it might be just the ticket to avoid traffic downtown on a fall afternoon!