While the Vikings continue their due diligence on the quarterback draft prospects, NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock provided his analysis on the situation in this segment.
The Vikings have made it clear they would like to draft a quarterback in the early rounds with the hope that he becomes their franchise quarterback. Mayock offered his perspective on the process.
"The way I look at their draft, they’re sitting at 12, which is kind of a weird position for quarterback this year because I’m assuming very strongly that [Blaine] Gabbert and [Cam] Newton are going to be gone in the Top 10," Mayock said. "OK, if they’re gone, now Minnesota, Rick Spielman has got to make a decision …
"Ryan Mallett might throw the football better than anybody in this draft. Ryan Mallett is gifted. He’s immature. He’s got some issues. But this kid has first-round ability. Now, do you pull the trigger with him at 12 and hope he grows up? And hope that he cares about the game of football enough to be the guy like the other [quarterbacks] in that division.
"Or do you look at Jake Locker at No. 12 who again has first-round talent. There are four first-round talent guys in this draft. Three of them in my opinion have major holes. Locker, it’s an accuracy thing from within the pocket. Outside the pocket, this kid is phenomenal. In the pocket, it’s an accuracy issue.
"So I guarantee you that Leslie Frazier and Rick Spielman are looking real hard trying to figure the kids out. Can we draft either of those guys at 12? That’s the issue. If not, then you’ve got to look in the second round."
Mayock said he sees two potential options in the second round.
"The way I look at the thing is I have two guys very close together and that’s Christian Ponder from Florida State and Andy Dalton from TCU," he said. "They’re both 6-2, kind of West Coast, get rid of the football. They both throw it well enough. They’re both very smart. It matters to both of them. They’re both athletic. They’re the guys that don’t have quite the arm and athletic ability of those other four guys yet they care about the game, they love the game, they’re smart about the game and they have starter potential."

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