Let us bow our heads and look at our Twitter feeds.

Pope Benedict XVI, aka @Pontifex, will begin sharing his faith with the digital masses Wednesday.

May he lead the way for these other famous folks we'd like to see spilling their (verified) thoughts in 140 characters.

Angelina Jolie: Life as a globetrotting movie star and humanitarian sounds dreamy. Please, give us a glimpse of the glamour and grit. Or else we'll just have to be content with the parody account @angiesrightleg and its more than 40,000 followers.

Prince: Symbols, words, it doesn't really matter. We just want a tweet serenade from the Minneapolis native turned pop enigma.

George W. Bush: Surely, our recently quiet but formerly very quotable president has some homespun Texas turns of phrase to share. Y'all know Bushisms would go viral.

Hillary Rodham Clinton: There's no doubt she texts (see: Internet meme of 2012) but how about a few personal musings on Twitter? Digital diplomacy, at least until she ends her run as secretary of state. Then she can tell us what she really thinks.

Dave Chappelle: Can he be found on Twitter? Maybe, maybe not. Seems he doesn't even know... imposters abound. But this funny man who sometimes makes himself scarce needs to keep us laughing.