Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty plans a May 18, $2,500-a-head, Minneapolis fundraiser to "kick off" his presidential run.

"We need to make this a very successful event in order to help fund the initial phase of the campaign and to show the nation that Governor Pawlenty has serious support in his home state," said an invitation to the event.

Minnesota Republicans with money have given Pawlenty support in the past. He held a glittery fundraiser in Minneapolis for his political action committee, which was peppered with contributions from Gopher State givers. Polls, however, haven't found a majority of Minnesotans support his national ambitions.

The event coincides with the closing days of the Minnesota legislative session. For the first time in 8 years, Pawlenty has no role in the intense negotiations that will go on under the dome.

Here's the invite to the fundraiser:Pawlenty Kick-Off event

And here are the"10 Reasons to Support Governor Tim Pawlenty" the invitation provided. Minnesotans could dispute several of the points but it's an interesting pitch document for those tracking his national run.



10 Reasons to Support Governor Tim Pawlenty

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