It took some time this Sunday morning, but I have now found something more foolish than a positive review of "Knight & Day," or the notion that Nick Blackburn should remain in the starting rotation. It is the idea that because Joe Mauer is the leading vote-getter, he must play in Tuesday's All-Star Game.

On his Sunday morning radio show on 1500-ESPN, manager Ron Gardenhire suggested that Mauer is "mentally exhausted" and "(physically) beat-up." It would be moronic to question how Mauer is feeling when he plays the most physically-demanding position on the field.

But if he was too banged up to play Sunday, then why should he play in the All-Star game? So, he couldn't play Sunday, but can play in an exhibition 48-hours later?

Even though it's sacrilegious to attack Mauer, he is under-achieving this year. Maybe the bar was raised too high after his historic run last year, but he needs to contribute more. He needs to have more Target Field home runs than Matt Tolbert. Mini-rant over because obviously the Twins best chance to win is with Mauer in the lineup. In other words, Mauer must be hurt enough. Gardenhire understood the magnitude of Sunday's game  and still rested Mauer.

Missing Sunday's game is understandable, but only if he also isn't squatted behind the plate on Tuesday night. 

As my wife would say, "You ramble on too much!" So, we'll make this a short-and-sweet entry. Comment away.

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