Between them, Joe Mauer and Ricky Nolasco are making $35 million to play baseball for the Twins this season. Those contracts made Mauer and Nolasco obscenely wealthy, so do not mistake this as some sort of pity party for them. But there is a certain on-field burden that comes with a hefty salary, particularly when it comes to this, um, frugal market and fan base.

No longer are you simply underachieving … you're underachieving and overpaid. And when you get hurt — both are on the DL — you're not simply injured. Your toughness gets called into question because of the money you make.

land of the sun? The notion of LeBron James playing in Phoenix makes some sense, as laid out in a piece at

meme team Prince Fielder was featured prominently in ESPN's Body Issue, and tasteful nudes of Fielder made for great Photoshop fun on Twitter.