None of the Vikings quarterbacks were particularly sharp during the bulk of Wednesday's practice. Matt Cassel, who continues to work with the first team, was picked off by cornerback Xavier Rhodes, Teddy Bridgewater, who appears to be ahead of Christian Ponder on the depth chart, threw the first interception we have seen from him in the three open practices, including the rookie minicamp, that we have had a chance to watch him participate in. Bridgewater also struggled in the blitz period.

All three quarterbacks fared well at the end of practice, though, when Vikings coach Mike Zimmer asked them to lead the offense the length of the field with a minute left on the clock. Cassel was sharp while quickly moving the first team into field-goal range. Ponder went second, and he crammed a nice sideline throw into a tight window to rookie receiver Kain Colter, who broke free down the right sideline for a long touchdown. Bridgewater, meanwhile, dinked and dunked at the start of his drive, but somehow managed to get the Vikings to the edge of field-goal range with a nice throw to tight end Allen Reisner.

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