A Massachusetts resident fed up with other drivers who don't use their turn signals to indicate their intention to change lanes wrote a complaint e-mail to the state's Department of Transportation and encouraged them to do something about it.

MassDOT did.

On Friday it used its overhead message boards to flash the following missive in true Bostonian speak: "Changing lanes? Use Yah Blinkah"

According to the Boston Globe, a man named James sent the MassDOT the following rant:

"Occasionally, can the Transportation Dept set up their sign to remind motorists to use their directional signals when changing lanes or moving to an exit ramp. For safety sake and courtesy, it would be great if people on our streets and highways would use their signals when changing lanes,” James wrote. “I’m not sure if it is thoughtlessness or ignorance, or indifference.”

A MassDOT spokeswoman told the Globe that the department thought about it, and decided what the heck. So the messages appeared during Friday's morning rush.

No indication if the sign will get drivers to change their behavior, but it provide a great deal of amusement.

"Sounds more Aussie to me," one commuter wrote.  "Funny no matter how you say it. The most Boston traffic sign ever"

The Globe reported that police gave out 4,967 tickets for drivers who failed to use their turn signals when chaning lanes last year and 4,359 in 2012.

Photo credit: Mass Department of Transportation

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