Mark Craig: Taking a guess at how the Vikings graded out during the draft

VIKINGS: Grade: C.

THE GOOD: Although I like what they did at No. 12, how in the world can anyone grade it at this point? So I'll go down the middle with the grade that helped advance me through my academic career. Christian Ponder could prove to be the wrong QB. But the Vikings picked a QB to invest their future in. Hallelujah! Brett Favre can officially stay on the tractor (not that he was an option anyway, but it's nice to know that even ESPN won't be able to change that perception when the games eventually start). Tarvaris Jackson's damage to the franchise also can officially be capped at five seasons. It's a cleansing the franchise needed, even if it had to hand Nick Fairley to the Lions with the very next pick.

THE BAD: This team is in rebuilding mode, so there were a ton of needs. But does it concern anyone else that the offensive line wasn't addressed until the sixth round? Favre took a tremendous beating. If that happens to Ponder, his career could be ruined before it has a chance to take off. I know they got two versatile guys in DeMarcus Love and Brandon Fusco. Having to wait until the end of the draft to pick offensive linemen shows that the Vikings are still a step behind Chicago and Green Bay.

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