Covering the Vikings in London is a bit different that covering them at Winter Park or Lambeau Field. Star Tribune football writer Mark Craig will share some of the off-the-field excitement of this week's unique road trip.


From London...

Access Vikings American Invasion, Day 2

Woke up at 7 to discover the alarm was set for 6 p.m., so there was an extra hour to sleep off the Guinness chocolate milkshake from the Grazing Goat Pub the night before. Actually, it was good. And cold. But the “1664” beer was much better. Or at least the ones I can remember.

The barkeep called it a “blonde beer,” so if you’re ever in the Grazing Goat Pub, just ask for the best blonde they got.

We came back to the hotel late last night and struck up a conversation with a London resident from Wisconsin. His assessment of the Brits’ interest in the NFL games played over here: “No one gives a …'hoot' about them.” Only he didn’t say hoot. Sorry, Roger. Only the “expats” give a hoot, he said.

Expats aren’t just Randy Moss. They’re what the locals call Americans. Of course, the woman who almost ran over Jim Souhan with her bike as he prematurely stepped off the curb probably has a few other names for Americans wandering the streets over here.

Went to find the fitness center in the hotel this morning and was told to take the “lift,” which, after my deer-in-the-headlights look, was then renamed the “elevator” for my convenience.

Picked up the Times of London and no mention of “Ponder, Ponder, Ponder.” Or the Vikings. Or the NFL. Or anything of interest. But the coach of Manchester United is ticked and heads are going to roll. He sure sounds like he’s ready to start his version of Matt Cassel.

Heading downstairs to catch a bus out to Vikings practice. We’ll try to get Leslie’s take on Man U’s woes. Something tells me he’s got bigger Fish n Chips to fry.