Would your guy be more likely to pick up a paint brush if he could choose a color called Beer Foam? Or Mo Money?


That's the thinking at one Canadian paint company, which recently announced that it was renaming 27 of its colors in an effort to make them more appealing to men.

So Plateau Grey was redubbed 5 O'Clock Shadow, while Classic Liberty Red now goes by Rust on My Truck. The aforementioned Beer Foam and Mo Money? They're the new guy-friendly names for Bone White and Fairytale Green.

"When it comes to paint names, it's all about the emotional connection, and our research shows that men and women tend to relate to paint names differently," a spokeswoman for CIL Paints told the National Post.

It's hard for me to imagine anyone relating positively to a paint color called Dirty Socks (that's Lexington Park to you females.) There's already enough of that color detracting from the ambience in my laundry room -- and bathroom floor, if I'm being completely honest.

I decided to survey my 19-year-old son. "Would you rather paint a wall a color called Beer Foam or Bone White?"

He paused.  "I guess Beer Foam," he said.

"How about Bro Code or Venetian Turquoise?" He picked Turquoise. I don't know if that says much. Turquoise is a known entity, even among color-challenged guys, while it's hard to guess what color Bro Code might turn out to be. Probably depends on the bro.

What do you think? Are guy-friendly paint names more relateable? Kind of funny? A bit insulting? And would you ever buy a paint the color of Dirty Socks?