Mankato was set to vote on banning electronic cigarettes in public indoor spaces. But then it took a deep breath.

Last week, the City Council decided it would probably postpone a public hearing on an ordinance restricting e-cigarettes like their tobacco counterparts, said Pat Hentges, city manager. That hearing and vote had been set for Monday.

Council member and "e-cig" user Jason Mattick urged the group to wait, perhaps until the Food and Drug Administration weighs in on the safety of e-cigarettes — battery-powered devices that create a vapor mist often tinged with nicotine.

"There are studies for and against, but there's not a consensus out there at this point," he said.

Mankato drafted the ordinance that would restrict e-cigarettes after the City Council voted in August to ban e-cigarette sampling in tobacco shops. "That prompted this second ordinance," Hentges said.

Duluth passed restrictions on e-cigarettes in September.