A man who allegedly killed a young goat in front of co-workers last week in the parking lot of the company where he worked because he couldn't find somewhere to keep the goat while he was at work, was charged Tuesday with felony animal mistreatment.

Phillip R. Pardee, 24, of Niagara, Wis., told police that he knew it was illegal to smash the goat's head on the pavement outside Madison-Kipp's Sun Prairie facility on Friday night, but it was easier than having to deal with not having a place for the goat to stay while he was at work, according to a criminal complaint in Dane County Circuit Court.

Pardee was released on a signature bond after appearing in court Tuesday and was ordered not to keep any other animals or pets. If convicted, he faces up to 3½ years of prison and extended supervision.

According to the complaint:

"A manager at Kipp told police that Pardee had been bringing the goat to work for a while, but on Friday he had locked his keys in his car and could not put the goat inside. He said Pardee put the goat into some crates but it escaped and was caught by another employee."

Told that he could not keep the goat in the building, Pardee took the goat and killed it, the complaint said.

Pardee admitted to an officer he killed the goat and put it under his car so that he could give it "a proper funeral," the complaint said.

Pardee told police the goat was about 30 days old and that he had bought it "to kill it for meat when it got older," it said.