A 37-year-old man who was run over and killed attempting to cross a dark highway in north Minneapolis may have been struck by two vehicles, according to a witness and police.

The crash occurred shortly after 9:30 p.m. Thursday at the intersection of Olson Hwy. and James Avenue N., when the man was hit as he was proceeding north on James and crossing eastbound Olson, police said. The victim’s identity has yet to be released.

One motorist who hit the man stopped and spoke with investigators at the scene, police added.

There is no traffic signal or stop sign for vehicles on Olson as they approach James from either direction, and the three-way intersection is not marked with crosswalks. Even so, Police Sgt. William Palmer said, “a pedestrian always has the right of way.”

Keri Agrimson, heading home from a Bible study group, also was heading east on Olson and came upon the scene just seconds after the crash.

“There was an [SUV] in front of me that stopped for a while,” Agrimson said. “I’m pretty sure it drove through the scene, and I think they drove off.”

According to a police incident report, “Vehicle 2 driven by an unknown suspect” also hit the man. Palmer added Friday afternoon that police “are looking into the possibility of another vehicle.”

Agrimson said she noticed “a bunch of debris in the road, and I was ready to drive through or around it. As I got close, I realized it was a man in the road.”

She said she stopped, and “a guy behind me got off his moped and ran [over to the man] and shouted at me to call 911.”

Agrimson said she stayed at the scene for about 2 1/2 hours and was questioned by police. She said she never saw the SUV return to the intersection.

The driver who stopped after hitting the man with his car “was pretty worked up about it,” Agrimson said. She handed her phone to him to call 911 and “did a bit of consoling. ... I definitely prayed for him.”

Agrimson added that she feels “very fortunate” that she didn’t run over the man. “It was dark, so it could have happened to any of us.”