A Hennepin County jury this week convicted a man of attempted murder for stabbing two Minneapolis Park Police officers last summer.

After a two-week trial and about six hours of deliberation, the jury Thursday found Marsenior Pede Johnson, 39, guilty of two counts each of second-degree attempted murder and first-degree assault, according to the Hennepin County attorney’s office. A second trial phase will begin Monday to determine if Johnson was mentally ill when he committed the stabbings.

According to the charges, Johnson, of Minneapolis, called 911 late Aug. 21 and reported being robbed of $300. He asked officers to meet him at Minnehaha Parkway and Bryant Avenue S. Officers James Huber and Katherine Hammes arrived and saw Johnson favoring his right side. He pointed east and told police that the perpetrators were three males.

Johnson had his right hand in his pocket and began walking toward Huber, who ordered him to show his hands. Johnson refused and continued toward the officer, prompting Huber to push him.

Johnson removed his hand from his pocket and stabbed Huber in the chest with a 4- to 5-inch blade, but the officer’s protective vest stopped the knife.

Johnson then ran at Hammes, who was standing near the squad car. She ducked but was stabbed in the back of the neck. Hammes fell, her head hitting the ground. Just as Johnson was about to stab her again, Huber shot him. Johnson sustained gunshot wounds to the head and abdomen.

Questioned at the hospital by police, Johnson declared, “I wanted to hurt some cops,” according to the criminal complaint.

Abby Simons